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Wool Rugs - Beautiful and Long-Lasting

Naturally fire resistant, wool rugs are beautiful and long-lasting. Woven from the wool of sheep or goats, they are naturally fire resistant and because they are an opaque fiber, show less dirt than other fibers, therefore good for placing in high-traffic areas. Made from a renewable material, they give any home an elegant look.

Located in Mount Vernon but serving thousands of residential and commercial customers across Westchester NY, Wool Rug Cleaning Services has earned a reputation for excellence in the services it provides relating to the cleaning, repair and restoration of wool (and all area) rugs. We offer a wide range of techniques relating to gentle wool rug cleaning. Moreover, we use green products and high-tech machinery to ensure you get fine service.

Every Wool Rug Deserves Professional Cleaning

Wool rugs come in all shapes and sizes, they hide grime well, they can have a contemporary or traditional design and are very attractive. However, even though they don’t show as much soil as other materials, there are still a couple of things to bear in mind. Wool absorbs humidity, so doesn't do well in damp conditions. Wool rugs can also fade in color and shed. That’s why, ideally, wool rug cleaning should be carried out professionally.

Gentle Wool Rug Cleaning That Goes Deep

Once we’ve brought your wool rug to our warehouse, these are the steps we will take in its cleaning:
Inspection - we will take a good look at it, noting its condition and age, to decide how exactly it should be treated.
Dusting - A powerful dusting will shake away dirt, grime, soil, dust mites and nasty allergens.
Spot and Stain Pre-Treatment - such a gentle treatment is used to counteract tough stains like coffee, grease, red wine, and pet urine.
Cleaning - we use two different methods at Wool Rug Repair - dry cleaning and deep immersion. Dry cleaning involves cleaning the rug with green and gentle solutions, rinsing it with minimal water then patting it down with soft towels. Deep immersion involves soaking it in a pool of shallow water. Rest assured that however we clean it, it will look beautiful and smell fresh once we are done.
Drying - the rug is then taken to a humidity-free, climate controlled room. This ensures that it can dry fast, so that mold and mildew do not take root.
Grooming - aligning the pile and straightening the fringe are our last step.

We’ll then bring your rug back to you - you can take advantage of our free pick up and return delivery service. We’re sure you will be happy with the results too!

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